Lakeshore East

Lakeshore East

Located in the vibrant Lakeshore East neighborhood Universal Wellness Source offers a whole body approach to health and wellness through chiropractic care. We understand that having a healthy body results in living a happier, more productive life. We pride ourselves in providing the best corrective chiropractic care in Chicago. We take a stand for our patients health by providing the latest research and education for a healthy lifestyle: Healthy mind, healthy body, nutrition and exercise. The loving chiropractors and staff at Universal Wellness Source are determined to give the highest quality of chiropractic care to our patients and to help them gain long-term results, not just short-term pain relief.

Universal Wellness Source has a clinic at Lakeshore East. Our friendly staff, trained medical professionals will offer complete health and wellness solutions. Chiropractic is highly effective in treating joint and muscle pains and spinal injury.UWS offers its therapeutic chiropractic treatment in the Lakeshore East area. Don’t let pain overpower you and make your life miserable, get in touch with our experts and lead a pain-free and normal life.Our holistic approach helps us in delivering desired treatment. At UWS, Lakeshore Chiropractic center, we treat osteoporosis patients, newborns, and patients suffering from arthritis and degenerative conditions.The center is well managed under the care of Dr. AshlinGasiorowski. His friendly approach and deep knowledge of chiropractic help the patients in gaining fast recovery at the UWS Lakeshore Chiropractic location. We offer advanced treatment using the latest machine technology.The center is beautifully situated at the heart of the city, Lakeshore East neighborhood. Universal Wellness Sourcebelieves in a healthy body and a healthy mind. Our chiropractic care helps patients in getting back to their normal life. We understand that health is a must for leading happier and more productive lives. We believe our centers are among the best corrective chiropractic care providers in Chicago. Whether the injury is new or old, with the professional chiropractic approach it is possible to subdue the cause of the pain to get our patients back to leading healthy lives. Chiropractic care is popular among patients due to its holistic approach, long-lasting results, and side-effect free treatment.Our friendly staff, flawless management, and comprehensive approach help the patients in gaining satisfying results.
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