Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment Universal Wellness Source

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy at Universal Wellness Source

At Universal Wellness Source, our skilled medical team provides innovative and non-invasive Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments in downtown Chicago to assist in promoting tissue repair by using the body’s healing properties. PRP therapy is a relatively new regenerative treatment that is often used in orthopedic applications to treat muscle, tendon, or soft tissue injuries. Treatments also include esthetic therapies for hair loss and facials. 

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

PRP has a concentration of platelets that are many times greater than what is found in the blood. Not only are platelets important for clotting blood, but they contain growth factors made of hundreds of proteins that can aid in the healing of injuries and degenerative conditions. A sample of the patient’s blood is collected to prepare the platelet-rich plasma. Centrifugation causes the platelets to separate from the other blood cells, which increases the concentration of platelets. Platelets enhance healing in muscles, tendons and ligaments. PRP presents a long-lasting solution to injury and pain, utilizing the body’s natural healing properties.

What to Expect at Your PRP Treatment?

During the first step in PRP treatment, we collect a simple blood sample from the patient. The platelets are then separated from other blood cells through centrifugation causing an increase in concentration. The concentrated platelets are injected into the site of injury or degeneration. PRP is a safe and effective alternative to invasive treatments and has minimal recovery time.

Why PRP?

PRP therapy can help relieve chronic and acute pain as well as accelerate healing in injured joints and tissues in the body. Conditions treated with PRP injections include knee, shoulder, back, hair loss, and facials, among many others. By creating a concentration of the patient’s platelets, this non-surgical procedure helps promote repair to damaged tissue or joints. The platelets act as a natural reservoir to grow and repair injured and degenerated tissues. Using your platelet-rich plasma can stimulate and accelerate your body’s natural healing process. In this way, PRP supports long-term healing, in addition to effective pain relief.

How We Can Help

Universal Wellness Source in Chicago offers PRP therapy for orthopedic applications, such as tendon injuries, acute ligament and muscle injuries, knee arthritis and joint restoration. Furthermore, we also provide antiaging esthetic treatments for hair loss and facials. For more information and resources on PRP therapy and to determine whether or not you are a candidate for PRP therapy, contact us today. We will provide you with a thorough consultation, help create a comprehensive regenerative and restorative treatment plan that is specifically catered to you and discuss the costs associated with your treatment.


Joint & Scalp Treatments 

3 Treatments = $1800

4 Treatments = $2200

6 Treatments = $6000


$600 per Treatment

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